Committees of Reviving the Renaissance

Here is an alphabetical listings of the committees and their chairs, who are working on various issues in the Reviving the Renaissance initiative. Click on the committee names to read minutes from meetings. This information will be updated regularly. If you would like to volunteer to serve on any committees, click on the Sign up link found in the Reviving the Renaissance area of the city web site.

Affordable Housing — Craig Bounds

Education – Dr. Paul Tisdale

East Biloxi/Living Cities

Finance – Jamey Hunt

Health and Human Services – Tim Mitchell

Historical Preservation – Lucy Denton

Land Use – Jerry Creel

Military and Government – Hank Salcido

Non-Government Organizations – Nancy Wilson

Seafood Industry – Richard Gollott

Small Business – Adele Lyons

Tourism – Gavin Schmidt

Transportation – Kevin Coggin