Part I: Coming Back

This section of the Reviving the Renaissance report involves the first 156 pages of the 214-page report. This section outlines the recommendations of more than 200 Biloxians who served on a dozen quality-of-life issue committees. Click on the various links below to see their respective reports and recommendations. (A link to Part II of the RTR report, the Living Cities component that focused on east Biloxi, is at the bottom of this page)

Coming Back, the mission of the RTR initiative, as outlined by Mayor A.J. Holloway  (To see the mayor’s video overview, click here.)

Introduction, an overview by the RTR director, retired Air Force Gen. Clark Griffith

The Biloxi Team, a listing of elected leaders and members of various subcommittees

From Camille to Katrina: Lessons Learned, a commentary from the Governor’s Commission


Affordable Housing


Land Use

Historic Preservation

Economic Development


Small Business

Seafood Industry/Marine Resources

Military/Government Contracting

Human Services


Health and Human Services

Non-Governmental Organizations

Special Reports


Conclusion, closing observations by RTR Director Clark Griffith

Summary of Recommendations


Appendix A – Mississippi Renaissance Garden and Cultural Center

Appendix B – East Biloxi Community Center Expansion

Appendix C – USM Relocation Plan

Appendix D – Wireless Internet Upgrade

Appendix E – GOZone

Appendix F – Vacancy fines

Appendix G – Non-Governmental Organizations

Appendix H —  Mental Health in the Post-Katrina Era

To download a PDF of all of Part I: Coming Back (11.54 MB), right click here. 

To see Part II: Moving Forward, the Living Cities component that focused on east Biloxi, click here.

To see the Point Cadet aerial artist’s rendering from the Living Cities report, click here.