Golf carts, low-speed vehicles

Here’s the low-down on golf carts on city streets

Biloxi has legalized the use of approved low-speed vehicles, primarily golf carts, on city streets with limits of 25 mph or lower, but it’s not just a matter of jumping in the golf cart and driving down the street.

Use of golf carts on city streets — mixing small, low-speed vehicles on the same roads as full-size cars, SUVs and 18-wheelers — will come with responsibilities and enforcement, police say.

Before being used legally, golf carts must be inspected by the police department and must have required safety features. The process includes an on-site inspection. After a successful inspection, the applicant must pay a $75 fee at the police department before the annual registration sticker is installed.

Is your golf cart legal?

First things, first. Does your golf cart or low-speed vehicle meet the requirements of being legal? Here is what police will be looking for in the way of required, functioning safety equipment:

– Headlamps

– Tail Lamps

– Stop Lamps

– Front and Rear Turn signals

– Horn

– Red Reflectors (one per side, one on rear of vehicle)

– Parking Brake

– Windshield (provides eye protection for the front seat passengers with and unobscured view)

– Vehicle Identification Number (Provided by the manufacturer, generated by the Mississippi Tax Commission)

– Seatbelts for all seating positions

– Mirrors (drivers side exterior and/or exterior passenger, interior rear view)

– Unobstructed Rear Visibility

An important note

No golf cart or vehicle designed to go faster than 25 mph can be approved as a low-speed vehicle.

How to register your golf cart

First make sure your cart has the safety features and that they operate. Make sure you have your driver’s license, proof of insurance and cart VIN. Then, set up an onsite inspection by emailing or calling 228-385-3033. (We’ll need your name, address and phone number.)

After successful inspection, you’ll go to the Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center, 170 Porter Ave., and pay a $75 fee before the decal can be installed.

Who can drive the golf cart?

Driving a golf cart on a city street has the same standards as driving a vehicle. The driver must have a valid driver’s license or valid driver’s permit and proof of insurance at time of inspection and when operating golf cart.

Where you can drive

Golf carts can be driven only on city streets with a speed limit of 25 mph or less. In some cases, you can cross a street with a speed limit higher than 25 mph. Golf carts must adhere to all rules of the road.

See the maps: East Biloxi, south of Keesler, West Biloxi, North Biloxi, Woolmarket West, Woolmarket East

Where you cannot drive a golf cart

Golf carts are not allowed on any city street that has a speed limit of more than 25 mph. This means no golf carts are allowed on U.S. 90. In fact, golf carts are not allowed on, over or across any interstate or state highway. This also means no golf carts will be allowed south of U.S. 90. Among the other major thoroughfares where golf carts are prohibited: Pass Road, Popp’s Ferry Road, Shriners Boulevard, Old Highway 67, and all thoroughfares with speed limits of more than 25 mph.

See the map of prohibited roadways

The cost

A $75 registration fee is required annually. Golf cart registrants who violate operating requirements may be subject to a fine up to $500.