Historical Preservation Committee Minutes

Historical Preservation
Minutes From May 15, 2006


The meeting was called to order by Lucy Denton at 12:05.  The committee was given hand outs of the agenda, minutes of May 8th meeting and copies of our final report draft.  Bill Raymond also handed out info concerning two grants that are being sought.

The minutes were approved as presented.  Bill and Lisa went over the grants.  The first is the CLG grant that has had preliminary approval.  The City will update its six locally-designated historic districts to identify remaining structures.  The survey will entail review of the 1754 locally designated landmarks.  Updated survey information will serve as the basis for re-evaluating district boundaries and updating the Biloxi Land Development Ordinance and, subsequently, the AHRC’s Design Review Guidelines.
The Preserve America Grant has been awarded.  With funding assistance, the City will revamp its heritage tourism marketing program.  The primary objective is to educate residents of and visitors to Biloxi about the historic buildings that remain, to promote the preservation of these resources, and to commemorate the significant historic buildings destroyed by Katrina.  The project will revise the historic walking and driving tours as well as mark the sites of historic buildings that existed prior to Katrina.  Signage will be designed and installed to coordinate with the tour brochures.  Educational kiosks will also be used.
Ronnie Cochran gave an update on FEMA assistance. Relocating flood plain structures can be placed in other flood plains with required elevations standards.  FEMA will not put that position in writing until proposal is presented.
Mr. Rudolph offered a drawing of proposed neighborhoods for flood areas.  His drawings will be presented to the East Biloxi Committee.
The committee then worked on the final report.  The ward meetings will be next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  The historic preservation committee will meet again next Monday at noon.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Notes to add:
I have been receiving information regarding grants that may be available to our area.  I will have these print outs for our next meeting so they can be studied.  Thank you all for your hard work.  I appreciate it so. Lucy


Historic Preservation РMinutes from May 1, 2006 meetingThe meeting was called to order and all members were asked to sign in with email information.  The Chair referred members to handouts and minutes.  As there were no additions or corrections the minutes were accepted.

Ronnie Cochran, the City Attorney, introduced Michelle Moore as the FEMA coordinator for Biloxi.  He identified projects for reimbursement of up to 90% for homeowners that wanted to rebuild or repair immediately.  An improved project such as Tullis Manor could get up to 90% funding for rebuilding but must meet FEMA flood zone standards.  Other food for thought was the Alternate projects.  This is money can be transferred to another project at 75%.  It is possible FEMA would grant money for purchase of property.  Discussion on Porter Ave., Magnolia Hotel, Town Green and Bill Raymond’s plan for a Visitor’s Center at Lighthouse followed.

Kay Bankston gave the report on our Priority List.  The committee felt the list should be more specific and detailed.  Kay will work on it for our next meeting.

Wallace Ann Austin reported a flag will be designed by the Guice Agency for Reviving the Renaissance.
Committee Reports:
Lolly Barnes reported on the museum committee which is suggesting a Cultural Trail along Highway 90 from Beauvoir to the Point. They recommend a Lighthouse Keepers House be rebuilt and used as the Visitors Center.  Other thoughts concern putting Seafood museum by OOMA and having a museum district.

Karen Smith reported on her research concerning grants.  The Kellogg Foundation awarded Katrina fund 12 million.  We need to go to www.wkkf.org and www.pointsoflight.org. for more information.

Lisa Michiels reported that her committee is still working on identifying which homes in the historical districts are still standing.  Kay Miller left maps that will help with this project.

Martha Boyce gave a update on the Renaissance Garden project.  She has met with Nathan Sullivan regarding Hiller Park.  Cassandra Griswold reported on tree websites and Mona Chapman said trees will be distributed free to citizens on Tuesday at the Saenger Theatre.

Other items mentioned:
Underground utilities in Historic Districts
Subcommittees need to work on their recommendations and they will be discussed at the next meeting.The committee will meet each Monday during the month of May.  It will be held at noon at the Comm. Dev. Building. The meeting was adjourned.



The meeting was called to order at noon in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.    The notes from the first meeting were read and approved.  Connie Carpenter agreed to serve as secretary.  Under old business, Lolly Barnes said that there is limited funding for building replicas of historic buildings, but there were compelling reasons to follow up.  Gen. Griffith reported on philanthropist’s interest that we could look into.


Discussion followed on possible help from the city in regard to tax credits and incentives.  It was then decided to appoint committees that could do more research and report back in two weeks.  The following committees were formed:

Grants and Foundations ‚Äď Kay Miller, Chair

Lolly Barnes

Lynn McLean

Neighborhood update and zoning ‚Äď Lisa Michiels, Chair

Bill Raymond

Jerry Creel

Frankie Hanson

Becky Green

Karen Smith

Mona Howell

Museums ‚Äď Anna Lee Harris, Chair

Lolly Barnes

Marjie Gowdy

Gardens and Oak Trees ‚Äď Martha Boyce, Chair

Mona Howell

Gwen Henderson

Wallace Ann Austin

Cassandra Griswold

and Nathan Sullivan.

Committee members are encouraged to email your priority list to Carol Stewart atstewtown@cableone.net


General Griffith thanked everyone for giving his or her time for this effort and reminded us of Mayor Holloway’s request to be realistic.


Gavin Schmidt reported from the Tourism and Museum Committee.  They have divided into 4 groups to study their mission.  The group concerning museums is headed by Robin David.

They are considering moving the Seafood Museum to the former Tullis site and relocating the Visitor’s Center to the area close to the LightHouse.


Gwen Henderson had contacted Ricky Mathews office regarding the Sun Herald’s Historic Preservation Grant.  She said it would be $150,000 for historic homes to be saved. Guidelines have not been developed yet.


Lisa Michiels said the Seashore Methodist Assembly is hoping to rebuild with plans to resemble Van Hook Hall.  She does not think they plan to sell.


Jerry Creel explained the zoning codes and referred everyone to the City’s web page for information from zoning to planning commission meetings.  It is important that this committee know what is being proposed.


Committee members and email or phone numbers will be sent to all members of H. P.


The next meeting will be held in the Auditorium of the Community Development Building on Martin Luther King Loop at noon on May 1, 2006.  The building is located across the street from Community Bank.



Historic Preservation Meeting
April 3, 2006

Our first meeting was held at the Annex Building on Father Ryan Avenue.¬† We had 21 in attendance.¬† Lisa Michiels handed out a book on ‚ÄúDesign Review Guidelines‚ÄĚ that the city of Biloxi operates under.¬† We will each read the book and then it will be discussed at the next meeting.
Items of concern:
Rebuilding historical buildings as replicas
Importance of grants
Locating old plans the city might have of historic structures
Main Street priorities such as the Grant/ House, Magnolia
Hotel, Walking Tours, 24 hour downtown
Old Brick House
How the Tourism Committee might overlap our comm.
The need to work with Jerry Creel on zoning
Keep neighborhood character and not look like Destin
Becoming informed on developers attempt to rezone
Need for parks and gardens
Establishing building codes to fit us and not chain (McDonald)

It was decided to meet again on Monday, April 17, 2006, at the Annex Building at noon.  Between now and then, Lolly will check on grants for building replicas’ of historical buildings.  Gwen will contact Ricky Mathews regarding the paper’s donation of $100,000 toward historic preservation. Lucy will meet with Gavin and Jerry regarding sharing info between the 3 committees.  Lisa will try to locate books showing old Biloxi homes