Tourism Committee Minutes

Tourism Committee Meeting – Minutes of April 7, 2006

Chairperson Gavin Schmidt called the meeting to order.  Schmidt asked everyone to introduce themselves.

Schmidt thanked everyone for attending and for taking an interest in the Reviving the Renaissance Tourism Committee. Schmidt indicated that because of the number of people on the committee, they would break into smaller groups.  Schmidt indicated that committee persons were placed on the Sub-committees.

Schmidt introduced the Chairpersons of each Sub- Committee:  Robin Krohn David – Attractions; Linda Stewart – Conventions/Meetings; Michael Cavanaugh – New Development and Bill Briscoe – Sports/Recreation.

Schmidt indicated the working of the subcommittees would be that they would meet individually once a week (if possible) and each committee would make recommendations. The recommendations would be reported back to the large committee in May. (Tentative – May 9th)  Schmidt indicated that recommendations must have funding sources available as well as the recommendations need to focus on Biloxi Tourism.

Schmidt indicated that each subcommittee must have minutes.

The recommendations from the Tourism Committee would be presented in May.

Schmidt asked that the subcommittees review the Governor’s Commission Report as well as the Road Map to Accountability.

Chairperson Schmidt asked that the subcommittees meet with the Chairpersons to begin work on the plan.  He recommended that each sub committee set up their next meeting.

Group divided into subcommittees as designated by handout.

We will have a tourism committee meeting on Friday, April 7, 2005 at 10am in the Glen Cothran Room at Mary Mahoney’s.  Please make sure that you have reviewed the Governor’s Commission Report on Tourism and the recommendations in the Roadmap to Accountability.



Committee Minutes Tourism Committee – Minutes from March 24, 2006


Meeting called to order by Chairperson Gavin Schmidt

Chairperson Schmidt asked that each person introduce themselves.

Chairperson Schmidt indicated that the committee would communicate through emails.  Schmidt asked everyone to complete the information sheet to be returned to him so that an information list is made for the entire committee to have copies.

Susan Hunt volunteered to take minutes of the meetings.

Chairperson Schmidt introduced and recognized Lt. Gen. Clark Griffith (Ret), Chairperson of the Mayor’s Steering committee for Reviving the Renaissance.

Highlights of Griffith’s comments were:

The Mission was laid out by Mayor A. J. Holloway at the annual State of the City Address

Have 90 days to come up with realistic ideas, realistic budget and realistic timetable.

Look at what is reality – close the gap for the Mayor and City Council

Chairperson Schmidt indicated that goals of the committee which are to recommend specific,Realistic ideas or program to revive the tourism industry in Biloxi that existed pre-Katrina and use the opportunities that exist post-Katrina to introduce new tourism activities in Biloxi. The second goal is to research and recommend methods to Fund our ideas and programs.

Schmidt asked the committee to read the Report on Economic Development and the   Road Map to Accountability.  Look at the report and select the recommendations that are realistic for Biloxi.

Schmidt informed committee members to attend the Mayor’s kick off meeting at the Saenger Theatre on Thursday, March 30

The meetings will be held every other Friday at 10 a.m.  The place will be decided.  The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 7, 2006.


Initial Tourism meeting notice — posted April 3, 2006