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The city’s monthly newsletter is delivered by the U.S. Postal Service to all homes, businesses, apartments, condominiums and PO boxes in the city, as well as to Keesler Air Force Base, by the first of each month. It also is distributed at the Biloxi Visitors Center and other high-profile city facilities and locations. Here is a high-resolution archive of the newsletters.

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Have a calendar item? Biloxi Downtown Services compiles the Community Calendar, a compendium of events open to the public in Biloxi. Deadline for publication citywide and online is the 10th of each month. Listing must include name of event, date, time, location, one- or two-sentence description, admission fee, phone number or web address. Email to Kay Miller, downtown services manager,

Advertising: BNews is the only advertising medium that is delivered to every home, business, apartment, condo and PO Box in the city. There is also free online advertising as part of the package. Total coverage and online as well. For rates and info, click here. To reserve space, email or call 228-435-6368.

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