DATE:           March 2006

FROM:       Clark Griffith
Chairman, Reviving the Renaissance Steering Committee

SUBJECT:     Organization Structure & Timeline

VISION:    This is the challenge our Mayor gave to all of us in his State of the City Address, 23 February 2006:  “We’ll restore the assets that helped provide the excellent quality of life we enjoyed here in Biloxi.  We’ll rebuild and improve our infrastructure.  We’ll find a way to provide affordable housing and new opportunity for our residents – better than we had before.  We’ll rebuild and restore our community centers, our parks, and we’ll build even more of them.  We’ll rebuild and restore those historic properties that were spared by the storm.  We’ll continue to embrace our diversity and preserve our cultural traditions.  We’ll go about business just as our ancestors did so many times when facing difficult challenges.  We’ll do more than persevere.”

These are challenging tasks – but we can do it.  Working together all things can happen.  Our nation, state, and the world stand ready and willing to help us in this monumental task.  We must succeed. . . .  Failure is not an option!

Here is the outline of our efforts:

1. Charter & DeadlineAt the request of Mayor Holloway, we have established the Mayor’s Steering Committee, Reviving the Renaissance of Biloxi.  The Mayor has tasked us to present to him in 90 days a realistic plan to rebuild our city which will serve short-term goals as well as long-term goals.

2. StructureWe have organized a series of Committees that mirror the Governor’s Commission on Recovery, Rebuilding and Renewal.  These committees include:

Affordable Housing
Land Use
Intermodal Transportation
Historical Preservation
Public Finance
Private Capital
Economic Development
Defense and Government Contracts
Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Seafood Industry
Health/Human Services
Non-Governmental Organizations
Non-Profit Organizations
Faith-Based Organizations
Ethnic Organizations

3. AssignmentsCommittee make-up will be complete by March 17, 2006.  There will be additions as we go on.  This committee process is inclusive, not exclusive. The committee administration director will coordinate meeting and logistics for this effort.

4. Internal CommunicationWe will rely on email/fax for the most part.  Meetings will be kept to a minimum since everyone is very busy.

I truly appreciate your working on this vital project for our community.  I will give it 100% of my time and effort.  Together we can make this happen!