The City of Biloxi has a city-maintained cemetery that stretches from U.S. 90 on the southern end to the north of the CSX railway off Irish Hill, east of White Avenue. It is located west of the former site of Fort Louis, which indicates it may have been the burial place for early French settlers. The oldest existing tombstone is French-inscribed and bears an 1811 death date. The cemetery features several 19th-century above-ground monuments and barrel-vaulted crypts. These reflect the ties between Biloxi and New Orleans, where this type of interment is necessary due to the high water table.

Looking for a grave?

The City of Biloxi maintains an online database of interred individuals, statistics include:
• 15,811 Records of Interred
• 8,712 Plots
• 1,096 Headstones in the Old Section with pictures

Got questions? Please call Stacy Thacker at Biloxi City Hall, 228-435-6254.

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For information or changes please contact Biloxi City Hall at 228-435-6254.


Cemetery Tours – See the more

Each year, history comes alive in the Old Biloxi Cemetery with self-guided tours.  Biloxi’s colorful characters of yesteryear headline the tour as their stories are told by graveside re-enactors.

Some of the stories are well known such as Edward Barq and the creation of his namesake beverage but others are more obscure like Joseph “Dinker” Lamas being mauled by a bear at the Biloxi City Zoo.

The tours, renowned for their rich historical significance, are open to the public free of charge, although donations are welcomed. The funds raised go toward the preservation and upkeep of the cemetery’s oldest and most historic graves ensuring that Biloxi’s legacy endures through the ages.

The tours are put together by the Preserve Biloxi Committee, a collaboration of the City of Biloxi, Biloxi Main Street, Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce, Biloxi Public Schools, Biloxi Public Library Local History and Genealogy Department, and the University of Southern Mississippi History Department.