Reviving the Renaissance Report

One of the things that has made the story of Biloxi so compelling since Aug. 29, 2005 is, as The Washington Post called it the other day, “the reversal of fortune” that we’ve endured.

The Post was referring to the rebounding economy and enthusiasm here in Biloxi, coupled with anxiousness about our future, and issues such as affordable housing, land-use plans and the myriad other challenges we face.

But the real story of Biloxi is the bigger picture. This community in the decade before Katrina was enjoying the most prosperous and productive time in our 300-plus year history  We created 15,000 new jobs, invested tens of millions in public education, public safety and recreation, we invested in our heritage and culture and preserved historic neighborhoods, and we cut our tax rate in half while we were providing our residents a much-deserved and enhanced quality of life.

That is, until Aug. 29, 2005.

Governor Barbour has said he wants to see a renaissance created as part of the rebuilding process. We agree, and here in Biloxi, we’re going to go about reviving the renaissance we were enjoying prior to Katrina.

The governor has also said that it’s going to be up to the local communities to determine the look of their respective cities. That’s where the Reviving the Renaissance initiatives comes in.

This is your opportunity to be involved and have a say in how Biloxi moves forward from here.

The people of Biloxi have shown time and again that we’re up to the challenge, and I’m confident that, to paraphrase William Faulkner, we will not only endure but prevail.


We’re on the way back.

A.J. Holloway
Mayor of Biloxi