Public Housing

The mission of the Biloxi Housing Authority is to serve the needs of low-income, very low-income and extremely low-income families in the PHA’s jurisdiction, and to:

  • Increase the availability of decent, safe and affordable housing in its communities
  • Ensure equal opportunity in housing
  • Promote self-sufficiency and asset development for families and individuals
  • Improve community quality of life and economic viability

Through unprecedented cooperation between the City of Biloxi, local civic organizations, businesses and banks, and the Board of Commissioners, the BHA has been aggressively solving housing problems in Biloxi.

The Biloxi Housing Authority has replaced the barracks-style housing with new, mixed-income communities in East Biloxi. The Cadet Point Senior Village was the first multi-family housing completed post Hurricane Katrina offering 76 units to our senior citizens. The completion of the HOPE VI Development added another 196 units of affordable housing and homeownership opportunities for 39 families. Existing housing developments have been modernized and improved since 2005 and recently the addition of McDonnell Avenue Apartments was added to its housing inventory along with the purchase of Gulf Shore Villas.

In total, the Biloxi Housing Authority operates 791 public housing units, 50 low-income housing tax credit properties and 559 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. The BHA also assists 1,400 families with rental assistance. Other developments are on the drawing board to further increase housing options for the citizens of Biloxi, now and in the future.

The staff of the Biloxi Housing Authority looks forward to working together to better serve community housing needs.

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