Gaming Revenues

When gaming was legalized in Mississippi in 1992, a taxing formula also was adopted to ensure that residents throughout the state – regardless of location — enjoyed the benefits of the taxes that casinos pay.

Under the formula, each casino’s gross gaming revenue is taxed at a rate of about 12 percent.

  • 8% of gross gaming revenue tax goes to the State of Mississippi
  • 3.2% of gross gaming revenue tax is shared in the respective gaming community as follows:
    • 40% city general fund
    • 20% city public safety
    • 20% city public education
    • 10% county public education
    • 10% county public safety

In Mississippi, the gross gaming revenue of each casino is proprietary information. However, the State of Mississippi requires each casino to report its gross gaming revenue each month. The City of Biloxi requires the same monthly report from the casinos located in Biloxi.

You can see those reports by clicking on the links above. (Note: Biloxi’s figures are “true month” figures, while the state’s figures may vary slightly because their monthly report may include complete weeks and do not necessarily end on the last day of the month.)

The reports are updated by the 20th of each month.