Kenneth McKeown
Finance Manager
P.O. Box 429
Biloxi, MS 39533

(228) 702-1290 voice
(228) 435-6233 fax

McKeown comes to the city with 30 years of government experience. His most recent experience was with the Finance and Accounting Department for the City of Jacksonville, Fla., where he served as deputy comptroller and manager of accounting services during the last 9 years. Prior to employment in Jacksonville, McKeown served as comptroller for the City of Pascagoula for 19 years.

McKeown, a long time CPA with a certification in the state of Mississippi, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with a major in accounting from the University of Southern Mississippi.  His many years of governmental experience will be counted on to assist Mayor Andrew “Fo Fo” Gilich in directing the administrative operations for the City of Biloxi.

McKeown is originally from Biloxi and is very happy to return home amongst friends and relatives.

“It is very nice to be back home and surrounded with the personalities of Biloxians; I missed that, having been away for a number of years,” McKeown said.  “The people of Biloxi are a unique breed and they have been through a lot.   They are strong from the experiences they have been through and they are able to face adversity with humor and determination,” McKeown said. “Because of this, I want to make a difference for the City of Biloxi.”

The Accounting Department is a service department to the other departments of the city and assists those departments in accomplishing their tasks and goals, whether it be a project or activity. McKeown will assist in balancing budgets and putting procedures in place that will help streamline government processes.

Said McKeown: “I can see the biggest part of my job will be to re-work some of the processes to maintain accountability and to streamline them while complying with state and federal laws.”