Camera Registry

Help the City of Biloxi fight crime.

The Biloxi Police Department would like business and residential video camera owners to register their camera locations with the department as part of a new public safety initiative.

This will enable officers to quickly and securely obtain recorded video in the event of an incident at a particular location.

See how it works

Learn how the Biloxi Police Department’s camera registration system integrates into our department and how it will help our department solve crimes and save lives.


It’s easy to sign up and still preserve your privacy

  • Registering your cameras online takes just a few minutes via an easy online process.
  • Registering your camera DOES NOT give the department access to your live video feeds. It simply allows them to easily contact you to request video recordings in the event a crime occurred at or near your location.
  • Only the Biloxi Police Department will have access to the locations of your cameras, and it will help speed up the recording request process for both you and the detectives.


Sign up for this service today. The standard package is free, but you will have the option to upgrade to a live feed access for use during active crime incidents at your location.