Connect Biloxi

Let’s work together to fight crime!

The Biloxi Police Department has implemented a new public safety program and is asking for residents and businesses to take part in. Through participation, you will assist in enhancing emergency preparedness by enabling police, fire, and public safety professionals in Biloxi to better assess and rapidly respond to criminal activity and emergency situations. 

The Biloxi Police Department would like residential and business security video camera owners to register their camera locations with the department as part of a new public safety initiative.

This will enable officers to quickly and securely obtain recorded video in the event of an incident at a particular location.

It’s easy to sign up and still preserve your privacy

  • Registering your cameras online takes less than one minute via an easy online process.
  • Registering your camera DOES NOT give the department access to your live video feeds. It simply allows investigators to easily contact you to request video recordings in the event a crime occurred at or near your location.
  • Only the Biloxi Police Department will have access to the locations of your cameras, and it will help speed up the recording request process for both you and the detectives.
  • Camera sharing is available only if you choose so by adding a device to your camera system. 

Click here to see the poster and the QR code to register. 


** The standard package is free, but you will have the option to upgrade to live feed access for use during active crime incidents at your location if you choose.