Katrina & Biloxi

Welcome to the “katrina & Biloxi” section of the city’s web site.

We’ve created this area to serve as your source for storm recovery information, and to provide a showcase for many aspects of our post-katrina life here in Biloxi.

You’ll find inside information and photographs from the front lines of the recovery, and have a chance to learn more about such projects as the Hurricane katrina memorial on the Town Green, and meet some of the volunteers who have played a role in the initial relief and the ongoing rebuilding effort. We call these folks our Heroes, and we’ll be eternally grateful for the outpouring of support from across the country.

We’ll work to keep this section, as well as our overall web site, updated, relevant and easy to navigate.

With Hurricane katrina, we’ve endured the most destructive force history has ever seen, but our residents are moving forward – in a manner that makes me proud to serve as their mayor. They’re rebuilding their homes, their businesses and their lives. And, make no mistake. We’re open for business here in Biloxi, and we’re encouraged by the interest we’re seeing.

This city, to be sure, was enjoying the most prosperous time in our 300-plus year history in the decade before Aug. 29, 2005. Now we’re working to revive that renaissance, and reach even greater heights, providing opportunity and the excellent quality of life that our residents and visitors deserve.

We’re on the way back.

A.J. Holloway
Mayor of Biloxi

Recovery Newsletters
Citywide mailout – 12/1/2005
Vietnamese ver.– 12/1/2005
Citywide mailout – 9/16/2005
Vietnamese ver.– 9/16/2005
Newsletter – 9/5/2005
Newsletter – 9/4/2005
Newsletter – 9/3/2005 

Order DVD/Photo Album
Click here to find out how you can reserve your copy of the city’s commemorative katrina DVD and photo album

Casino Information
To learn more about casino resorts in Biloxi and on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, click here.

Other Storm Information
Biloxi MS Renewal Forum
City’s Debris Removal Plan
Coast Transit’s Bus Routes
Early Damage Assessment
FEMA’s Flood Elevations
Map of the Flood Zones
Wal-Mart Bikes or Bust! 

Storm Video and Photos
Video Clip 1- 8/29/2005
Video Clip 2- 8/29/2005
Video Clip 3- 8/29/2005
Q&A with Mayor as Storm Subsided
Hard Rock Fire 9/21/2005
Library Restoration
‘Luna Sea’ leaves Lameuse
Troops Land on Biloxi Beach
katrina & Biloxi’ Premiere