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This public service program, which provides a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at city issues, is recorded unedited each week at Biloxi City Hall and is available on demand 24/7.

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John Miller gives latest update

Mayor: Waiting on the eye to pass

Inside the city’s response to COVID-19

The thinking behind the decisions

The latest on city’s status

Riding the rollercoaster in Biloxi

Fred Haise, Hibernia, CTA, baseball and more

Mardi Gras recap from Police Chief John Miller

Checking in with the mayor

News du jour, inside the city’s special events

The pre-pre-season Biloxi Shuckers pitch

State of the City, John Miller and more

Step inside the Bethel Free Clinic

The inside story on this year’s MLK celebration

Inside the BFD: Jack, new facilities and more

Twelfth Night preview and more

Home and personal holiday safety advice

The issues of the week

The Blake, Woolmarket Christmas parade, and more

Biloxi’s Christmas festivities begin this week

Cooking safety, newsletter preview, holiday happenings

Fire Chief Boney updates on new department happenings

Bark For Life at Hiller Park

Larry Drawdy on Biloxi Public Schools

Beauvoir and Other Things Biloxi

Hizzoner on the beach, sand and history

Weekend preview and more

Mayor Gilich on Cruisin’ The Coast

John Miller on Cruisin’ The Coast

Inside BPD’s crime camera initiative

Breakfast edition: Cruisin’ and more

Fireman’s parade, police hires and weekend events

Community Bank, budget and more

Katrina, rail crossings and more

Fire department ride alongs, stations, hiring and more

Hurricane Camille anniversary happenings and more

Hizzoner on city budget and more

BTV has been launched!

Its budget time! Hear the latest.

What’s Happening? A lot says Mayor Gilich

Development continues in Biloxi

Independence Day festivities; other happenings

MML, Saenger and more

Scrapin the Coast, the Saenger and more

Traffic, development and more

Saints Day, Billfish and more

Meet Biloxi’s Emergency Manager Nick Geiser; Get prepared

Biloxi Art Project and Camille at 50

McKeithen funeral; ReUnion at the Union

McKeithen: the man, the officer and the funeral

Thunder over the Sound: Parking, viewing and more

Hear about the five satellite parking lots with free continuous shuttle service, traffic plan, prohibited and permitted items; Preservation in May and much more.

Historical expo and Preservation in May

Biloxi Historical Administrator Bill Raymond guests on this edition of the City Desk podcast to talk about the upcoming Gulf Coast Historical and Cultural Exposition and the Preservation in May events.

Spring break, air show, summer camp and more

Hear the latest on plans for Thunder over the Sound, the air and space show on May 4-5; a recap of Spring Break; and the inside story on the city’s popular summer camp program.

Interested in becoming a Biloxi police officer?

Biloxi Police Investigator Grandver Everett guests on this week’s episode of the City Desk podcast, recorded Thursday, April 13 at the Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center. Investigator Everett tells us how you can apply to become a Biloxi Police Officer and what it takes to complete the hiring process.

Major news: Spring Break, air show and more

Two majors — new arrival Josh Daniels of Keesler’s Public Affairs Division and Chris DeBack of the Biloxi Police Department — discuss two upcoming events: Spring Break and Thunder over the Sound, the Keesler & Biloxi Air & Space Show.

Greene talks Shuck Nation, games and more

Garrett Greene, the Biloxi Shuckers’ broadcaster, guests on this edition of the City Desk podcast. Here about the upcoming season, Shuck Nation, the exhibition game and more.

Summer swimming lessons, swim team and lifeguard class

Jamie Lee, aquatics director for the city, guests on this episode of the City Desk podcast. Hear about everything aquatics, especially the programs happening during the summer.

Your preview of Grillin’, St. Paddy’s and more

Kay Miller, director of Main Street Biloxi, gives a preview of the big events this weekend: Grillin’ on the Green and the St. Paddy’s Day Parade. There’s also a St. Paddy’s run. 

Mardi Gras recap; ‘Driving Miss Daisy’

Ronny Broussard, director of the upcoming BLT production “Driving Miss Daisy,” discusses his plans for the play and the importance of community theater in general. 

Mardi Gras safety, traffic plan and more

Major Chris De Back of the Biloxi Police Department talks about how parade goers can stay safe during Mardi Gras. The major also gives details on what to expect for the traffic plan, which is nothing new to longtime parade goers. 

Let’s talk Shuckers baseball and Mardi Gras

Garrett Greene, the voice of the Biloxi Shuckers, talks about the season of seasons the Biloxi Shuckers had last year and he previews the upcoming 2019 and the front office’s new fan initiative, Shuck Nation. You’ll also hear info on upcoming Mardi Gras parades. 

The Croatian mayor and the French explorer

From the Biloxi 320 celebration at the Visitors Center, it’s Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich and local history authority Edmond Boudreaux, portraying the explorer d’Iberville for the occasion. 

Talk of trees and short-term rentals

Carroll Campbell and Bernie Marinovich, respective chair and co-chair of the city-appointed Biloxi Tree Committee, discuss the role of the commitee and the importance of managing Biloxi’s stock of trees.

Keesler/Biloxi Air show sponsorship opportunities and more

What you didn’t hear in State of the City

Sure, there was plenty of talk of boardwalks, new restaurants and hotels, expanded parks, fire stations and more at the State of the City address this week, but what about a few other topics: The opening of Howard Avenue downtown, panhandling, short-term rentals, MGM Park and more. Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich explains in this week’s […]

Carnival season and other civic endeavors

2018 recap of the growth and development in the city

Mayor Gilich: Thunderbirds, future projects and Merry Christmas

Popp’s Ferry Bridge work, Woolmarket sidewalks and more

Crosswalk, boardwalk and more

Hear more about Howard Avenue from CAO Mike Leonard

Mayor Gilich talks new opportunities in east Biloxi

Mayor Gilich recaps his Breakfast presentation

All Saints, Peter Anderson, the bonds of issues

The latest on the Saenger, city council and events

Road work, fire department update, schools issue

CAO Mike Leonard on the issues du jour

Biloxi Block Party, Main Street awards and Mayor Gilich

Mayor on issues, plus Cruisin’ preview and more

Road work, Cruisin’, other news and notes

Meet Biloxi Police, Fire at a fun event

Gerald Blessey talks Waterfront; First Friday and more

Mayor Gilich talks budget, Causeway Park, and more

New firefighting gear, fire boat update and more

Fire Station 10; quest for hometown hero’s remains

Budget talk; other news and notes

Back to school, Biloxi Shuckers and more

Airshow recap, development update and more

Blues Over Biloxi info with Jerry Taranto!

Economic growth, airshow traffic plan and more

Fireworks shows, First Friday and more

Margaritaville, MML, and more

Scrapin’ the Coast traffic plan; Splash the Coast meet

Saints Day returns, Law Fit Challenge winners, and more

Remembering former Mayor A.J. Holloway; upcoming city happenings

Blessing preview, Fire Department update

Ship Island, Bnews, sandbag locations, and more

Wooden boat show, Blessing of the Fleet poster and more

Breakfast with the Mayor, Fallen Officer Memorial, Blue Angels and more

The weather and construction, plus a whole lot more

Fire boat christening, Preservation in May and more

Downtown projects, weekend events and more

Airshow sponsorship, downtown projects, and more

Spring Break: The last preview

Spring Break traffic: The inside story

Mayor focuses on economic development

Mayor talks economic development

Project updates; Easter events

Grillin’ on the Green, St. Patrick’s Day activities and more

Howard Avenue, rail roads get green light

Happening now updates and a little history

Here’s your pickleball primer, plus other news and notes

HCUA reports on garbage, recycling, trash; Happening Now

Police have a few Mardi Gras reminders

State of City review; Mardi Gras preview

Mayor “FoFo” Gilich, post-State of the City

The backstory on the State of the CIty

Hear about the historic premiere at the Visitors Center

CAO Mike Leonard updates ongoing projects

Twelfth Night celebration and other city happenings

Here is your preview of the new Mugshots restaurant

The latest on city issues, cold weather and more

New cinema, Christmas on the Water festivities, and more

City updates, Visitors Center happening and more

Downtown holiday happenings, Main Street ornaments and more

Mayor: Updates on Howard Avenue, panhandling and more

Natatorium improvements, continuing need for lifeguards and BEST

Cemetery tour preview, visitors to City Hall and more

Grading the mayor, debris update and more

Mayor Gilich and Co., from the Cruisin’ block party

Get the view from Nathan Barrett, Biloxi’s freshman councilmember

The Honorable on budget, business and the beach

John Miller on budgeting, relief efforts and Hank Sr.

Budget workshop recap, seafood festival, The Last Ride and more

Public safety budget talk, weather update and the Tunnel to Towers 5K

Harvey update; checking in with a four-star chief

Learn more about the new garbage, trash service

The latest on the budget, sports registrations and more

Gaming anniversary, new school year happenings and more

Live from MML: Meet Mario King and Chris Vignes

Breakfast with the Mayor, sand on the beach and downtown restoration

Zoom, zoom! Tracking development in Biloxi

Trash talk; citizens services representative

Mayor follows up on inaugural address

Updates on downtown plans and storm issues

On the waterfront; R U Ready?; Testing 1, 2, 3

Saints weekend, inside the billfish classic and more

Hear about C-USA, homelessness initiative, Blessing

C-USA status, fire safety and a weekend of events

Your guide to Conference USA baseball

Recap of big issues; Preservation in May

Spring break, homelessness and other issues

Get the inside pitch on the Biloxi Shuckers

Woolmarket fire station, update on Biloxi National Cemetery

Web extra — Southern Talk Radio on flag issue

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Traveling down memory lane with Jackie Rhodes

Mayor Gilich on spring break, other issues

Special events, and John Miller on Spring Break

Previews: Special Olympics fish fry and Walk for Christ

Recap of the big issues; Easter’s around the corner

Breakfast with the Mayor recap; Senior Olympics

Behind-the-scenes at the train-bus emergency response

Mardi Gras follow up; city elections; Main Street

Throw me a podcast, mister! It’s the Mardi Gras edition

Bishop James Black on Black History Month

The all-sports show, from the Biloxi VA

Live from the State of the City

Belle La Vie update; Hattiesburg-Petal relief project

Moving forward: new ordinance; Ship Island Vessel Pier Project

State of the City, resident safety checks, and recreation fun

Kitchen fire safety, swimming lessons and more

Biloxi Main Street: Membership, happenings and more

Holiday redux, streets report, and more

Holiday happenings in Biloxi

Ward lines, Keesler gate, and holiday happenings

Inside story on new fire stations, other issues

Recapping issues from Breakfast with the Mayor

A vision for Biloxi’s waterfront; fire museum benefit

Looking South on infrastructure; talk of Christmas already

Point Cadet re-zoning, Halloween at Hiller and more

The latest hotel, Fire Prevention Month, Halloween events

Meet Mike Leonard, Biloxi’s new CAO

Inside story on the new city budget

Fireman’s Day Parade, kickball and weekend preview

Tech summit, attorneys switching gears, CAO and more

Gerald Blessey on Biloxi’s past, present and future

Excerpt: Tisdale on the idea of being CAO

Full program: Tisdale on municipal budget and more

Weather advisories, Tisdale advisories, trash advisories

Big projects, traffic update; Biloxi Public Schools

Weekend preview, our musical heritage, other news and notes

Mayor on Keesler gate, broadband and the shark fence

Tisdale, Pokemon and a milestone day

Police standards, housing, streets and Saints

So long, David Nichols; Fourth of July preview

The inside scoop on Margaritaville

City Desk: Fire chiefs convention, myriad issues

Special edition: Rodney McGilvary

The buzz in east Biloxi, summer camps and more

Weekend preview; ready for storm season?

Beach work, paving, summertime and preservation

A mayoral milestone, infrastructure and other events

New slip fees, million-dollar week, and lots more

Spring break redux; infrastructure, Grillin’ and more

Discrimination issue, marina fees, spring break and baseball

Storm and Amtrak follow ups, infrastructure, Terese Collins

‘Live’ From the ‘Biloxi Amtrak Whistle Stop’

Inside Mardi Gras security, plus a preview of the big week

Council continues debates; fire chief on relief, prevention efforts

Broadband update, One Coast, new Shuckers GM

Infrastructure issues, city hires, grant requests

City property sale, Woolmarket plans, Scarlet Pearl

East Biloxi roads, short-term rentals and holidays events

Refugee issue and vision for the future

Visitors Center, Christmas previews; meet the Police Explorers

Infrastructure redux; Halloween alternatives

Homecoming, cab regulations and weekend preview

The latest on infrastructure work, other news and notes

Cruisin’ status; new casino proposal; other news and notes

New Fiscal Year, weekend preview and more

Foreign visitors; Cruisin’ preview; kickball; streets update

City budget, fireman’s weekend, infrastructure work

Firefighting on Cat Island, Fireman’s Ball, Seafood Fest

Inside the budget talks, garbage fees, Fireman’s Ball

K10 previews; fireman’s ball in the works

Katrina anniversary plans, budget talks and more

BP settlement; budget talks; Katrina successes

A bank of lawyers, other news and notes

Mayors forum, taxicab regulation and more

Barry Lyons, baseball, Mayor, all from Hard Rock Live

Scam alerts, Washington trip and more

Checking in with the Hurricane Hunters

Civic innovation, development, and Fourth preview

A review of Scrapin’ the Coast; update on Katrina +10

CAO: New Keesler gate, burned-out house on Porter and more

‘FoFo’ on baseball, MGM Park, Keesler and a special place

Baseball, transition progress, etc.

Transition Chief F. Cliff Kirkland speaks about issues du jour.

“FoFo” on the first week

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich, in office since Monday, discusses his first week as mayor.