Chairman:  Lt. Gen. Clark Griffith
Administrative Director:  Joe Cloyd
Executive Assistant:  Verdell Hawkins

Issue Committees:

  1. Affordable Housing (Chair, Craig Bounds) ‚Äď affordable and workforce residential development
  2. Land Use (Chair, Jerry Creel) – zoning, building codes, water, sewer, solid waste, utilities and commercial development
  3. Intermodal Transportation (Chair, Kevin Coggin) – rail, shipping, highways, roads, and public transit
  4. Historical Preservation – (Chair, Lucy Denton) ‚Äď repairing and rebuilding our historical structures

B. FINANCE¬†‚Äď (Chair, Jamey Hunt) – public finance, private capital

C. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT¬†¬†—¬† (Chair, Wes Fulmer)

  1. Tourism (Chair, Gavin Schmidt)
  2. Defense & Government Contracting (Chair, Hank Salcido) ‚Äď Keesler AFB and shipbuilding
  3. Small Business/Entrepreneurship (Chair, Alele Lyons)
  4. Seafood Industry (Chair, Richard Gollott) fishing, shrimping, and processing

D. SERVICES (Chair, Rick Stewart)

  1. Education (Chair, Paul Tisdale) ‚Äď early childhood education, K-12, higher education, workforce training
  2. Health & Human Services (Chair, Tim Mitchell)
  3. Non-governmental Organizations  (Chair, Nancy Wilson) РFaith-based organizations, community organizations, and non-profits


  1. Legal Counsel (Ron Peresich and Clare Hornsby)
  2. Publicity (Reed Guice, Vincent Creel, and Ted Riemann)
  3. Public Service (Bruce Dunagan and David Roberts)