Special Populations Program

The City of Biloxi provides year around activities to individuals of all ages with disabilities – physical and mental. Current programs include the Challenger League Baseball, volleyball, Sun Camp for the Summer Playground program, and dances.


The Parks & Recreation Department is constantly expanding its activities and programs for indoor and outdoor recreation and strives to be an inclusive program for all activities and events to all individuals with and without disabilities.



Challenger League Baseball
  • Sport takes place in April/May 
  • Youth and adult age divisions
  • Uniforms provided
  • Players assisted at games by Major Little League teams
  • Free registration
  • Sport takes place in July/August 
  • Free registration
  • Sport takes place in February/March
  • Free registration
Sun Camp
  • Summer Playground Program
  • Takes place June and July

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  • Sport takes place in October/November
  • Youth and adult age divisions
  • Uniforms provided
  • Free registration
Social events

Annual social events/dances 

  • Free admission
  • Security provided
  • Open to all ages with physical and mental disabilities and their family members



  For more information, call the Parks & Recreation office weekdays, 228-388-7170.