Police, Public Works announce street closures

Sections of major thoroughfares in Biloxi, including the Biloxi Bay Bridge, have been closed or will be closed because of street flooding caused by the Hurricane Ike storm surge.

Biloxi Police report that the Biloxi Bay Bridge was closed after street flooding at its base, at Myrtle Street in Biloxi.

The city had notified residents that any areas that sustained flooding Thursday would flood today.

Here is a list as of 9 a.m., 30 minutes before high tide:

–U.S. 90 at Oak

–U.S. 90 at Kuhn Street

–U.S. 90 at Main Street

–U.S. 90 at Acacia and Miramar

–U.S. 90 at Rodenberg

–Cedar Street, north of U.S. 90

–Portions of Third Street

–Back Bay Boulevard at Suarez Street

–Back Bay Boulevard at Lee Street

–Back Bay Boulevard at Crawford

–Strangi Avenue at Bayview

–Crawford, north of Back Bay Boulevard

–Howard Avenue at Pine Street

–O’Reilly Park, off Division Street

–Division Street at Dunbar

–Lorraine Road from Shorecrest to city lmits

–Cedar Lake Road at Cedar Lake bridge.

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