City accelerates debris efforts

The City of Biloxi expects to have its first debris sweep of the city completed this week, and residents who have not already done so are encouraged to move Hurricane Gustav debris to the curb for teams to haul it away.

Hurricane Gustav left more than 25,000 cubic yards of debris in its wake in Biloxi – far less than the 3 million cubic yards from Katrina – and Mayor A.J. Holloway says about a third of the debris has been hauled away.

“We increased the number of debris teams from four teams on Friday to seven teams, and they’ve worked in neighborhoods throughout the weekend,” the mayor said. “We estimate that we’ve removed as many as 7,000 cubic yards, which means we’ve hauled away about a third of the debris.

“What people need to understand is that this process will not go on for much longer, and after that the debris will be the responsibility of the property owner,” Holloway added. “The best advice we have is to move storm debris to the curbside as soon as possible. We cannot go on private property, as we did in Katrina. That was the exception. The rule is to move it to the curb.”

If you’re moved debris to the curbside or are aware of a pile in your neighborhood, e-mail with the location, size and type of debris.