More street flooding expected Friday; Ike surge photos

The street flooding from this morning has receded, but Biloxi’s Emergency Management coordinator says residents should expect to see a replay on Friday morning.

A Hurricane Ike-induced storm surge came ashore this morning at high tide and pushed water onto several waterfront roadways and into low-lying areas.

”We are still anticipating higher-than-usual tides again tomorrow, and high tide is around 9:33 tomorrow morning, so people should expect to see the same thing that they saw this morning,” said Linda Atterberry, Biloxi’s emergency management coordinator.

“People in low-lying areas know who they are, and they should plan accordingly. Expect to see similar flooding from the morning until about mid-day tomorrow.”

Atterberry said residents also should expect to see tropical force gusts – winds of 35 to 45 mph. “We’re seeing pretty good gusts right now,” she said this afternoon. “If people have any concerns about their safety, a shelter has been set up at the Lyman Senior Center, and we’re advising anyone with concerns about their safety to call their local authorities. We’re ready to help.”

Hurricane Ike is about 400 miles east-southeast of Galveston, Texas – and is expected to make landfall around Galveston sometime early Saturday morning. At 4 p.m., the storm had maximum sustained winds near 100 mph and hurricane force winds extending outward up to 115 miles of the center. Tropical storm force winds extended outward up to 275 miles.

Photos from the Ike surge this morning

To see photos showing the localized street flooding around Biloxi this morning, click here.

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