Katrina Stats

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And from the archives:

At the six-month point in the storm recovery process in Biloxi, here were the available numbers:

  • 3,167 – number of students in Biloxi public schools when classes resumed Sept. 26 (compared to 6,125 enrolled pre-storm). Five months after the storm, enrollment was at 4,321.
  • $54,795 – amount of gaming tax city would be collecting per day if casinos were operating ($20 million a year; 35 percent of city’s annual operating revenue)
  • $92,000 – amount city agreed to pay in July 2005 for a $10 million business interruption insurance policy in the event casinos were shut down by a storm
  • $500,000 – amount of gaming tax state lost each day Biloxi casinos after Katrina.
  • More than 2.08 million cubic yards – amount of storm debris that had been removed from city streets and public rights-of-way since the storm. This amount of debris would cover a football field with and stand more than 97 stories high. City leaders estimate that about 75 percent of the debris had been removed six months after the storm.

Breakdown on the debris hauled at six-month point:

Burnable 422,696 CY
Unburnable 1,625,112 CY
Appliance 30,006 CY
Electronics 380 CY
Total 2,078,194 CY
  • More than 5,000 – total number of building and repair permits the city had issued five months after the storm.
  • $50 million – initial estimate on cost of removing debris from city rights of way (number will increase with removal of debris from private property, which is in the offing)
  • 52– Number of confirmed storm fatalities in Biloxi, as reported Jan. 31 by Harrison County Gary T. Hargrove. Of the 53 confirmed fatalities in Biloxi, a figure that includes one unidentified male, Hargrove said the average age was 58, with youngest being 22 and oldest, 90; and 14 were females and 39 were males.
  • Sale taxes generated in Dec ’04 $1.169 million
  • Sale taxes generated in Dec. ’05 $948,122