The City of Biloxi has produced and distributed a host of e-mails, public notices and newsletters to provide Biloxi residents and those interested around the world the latest information on the status of city’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Here is an archive of newsletters that were distributed citywide, either through the mail or as otherwise noted:.

Nov. 22, 2006 – Storm Recovery News
Aug. 18, 2006 — The State of the City: One Year Later
Dec. 1, 2005 – Storm Recovery News or Vietnamese version
Sept.. 16, 2005 – Storm Recovery News or Vietnamese version

In the immediate aftermath (distributed by relief workers and first responders)
Sept. 5, 2005 — A New Day
Sept. 4, 2005 – A New Day
Sept. 3, 2005 – A New Day

You can also see an archive of day-to-day news e-mails under your City at Work on the front page of the city web site.
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