Gilich: ‘We want to smash that curve’

New signs will be showing up in businesses across the city warning owners and customers that social distancing must be practiced, Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich reported today.

Say the signs:

“This business is open and will remain so, if these directives are followed: + Practice social distancing (6 feet or more) + No gatherings of 10 or more + Wash hands frequently + Follow directions.”

The sign was part of the mayor’s daily video update, which was recorded today at 5 p.m. at City Hall.

Said the mayor of open businesses: “If we see irresponsible behavior on the part of owners or customers, we will take action.”

Despite the warning, the mayor said he was encouraged after today’s teleconference with his fellow mayors and other city leaders.

“Pascagoula Mayor Steve Demetroplis provided pertinent information on testing that has taken place,” Gilich said. “In Mississippi to date, 1,872 tests, with 17 percent positives. We have a total of 320 cases statewide. That’s up 71 from yesterday.

“The curve is being defined and expectations are being set. We want to smash that curve.”
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