Signs going up; council affirms closures

The Biloxi Fire Department today was posting notices on businesses that social-distancing practices must be respected in order for businesses to remain open.

 The signs amplify the message from Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich in his daily video, and follow up on the City Council’s confirmation on Tuesday of an emergency declaration identifying critical infrastructure.

“We continue to say that we want to smash this curve, the curve that shows the number of cases,” Gilich said today. “And the way we do that is by being smart and making smart decisions. Stay at home if you don’t need to travel. Conduct business by phone, email or online. Just take a breath, have a plan and do those things.”

The new signs warn customers and business owners that social distancing must be practiced: six feet distance, no groups of 10 or more, personal hygiene.

 Beaches, ballparks, parks closed to groups

The City Council on Tuesday affirmed the mayor’s order that all events are canceled, and bars and dining areas of restaurants are closed until further notice. To-go or drive-through food orders are allowed.

The council-approved resolution also added “beaches” to the areas that were closed to groups of 10 or more people. Already closed to groups of 10 are more are all municipal parks, ballfields and recreational facilities.

 What’s not closed

Among areas not covered by the ordinance are “places where people pass through, such as transportation centers, airports, public squares, and shopping areas.” Among those also noted as not covered are retail establishments such as grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and banks, along with medical facilities, office environments, factories, schools, universities, and city-owned or leased buildings where essential functions and services are being carried out.”

Those areas that remain open, however, must practice social distancing.

Critical infrastructure

The council’s measure also identified “critical infrastructure” as healthcare/public health; law enforcement; public safety and first responders; food and agriculture; energy, including electricity, petroleum, natural gas and propane; water and wastewater, transportation and logistics; ports; public works; communications and information technology; critical manufacture; hazardous materials; and financial services.

Latest message from mayor

Mayor Gilich has the updated numbers, updated message and latest word in his daily video, which is now on the city’s YouTube page, and on the city’s primary Facebook pages (City of Biloxi, Biloxi Police Department, Biloxi Fire Department, Biloxi Visitors Center and Biloxi Small Craft Harbor). It’s also posted each afternoon on the city web site.
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