Fire Department nearly back to full staff

The Biloxi Fire Department, which had as many as two dozen firefighters out because of the coronavirus, is expected to be back to full staff this week, except for one firefighter who has recently tested positive for the virus.

Biloxi Fire Chief Joe Boney made the announcement this morning during a weekly teleconference among city department and division heads.

“We’ll have everyone back by the end of the week,” Boney said, “and the one who has tested positive will be out for another two weeks. Overall this is great news for us.”

News from the Biloxi Fire Department — especially reminding residents of a statewide burn ban — is among the news in today’s Be Prepared video. Also appearing on today’s update: Chief Executive Officer Tom McDougal of Merit Health Biloxi.

The Mississippi State Department of Health today reported that 161 new cases of the coronavirus were reported in the last 24 hours statewide. That brings the total to 2,942 confirmed cases statewide. There have been 98 deaths statewide, including two reported in the past 24 hours.

In Harrison County, the total number of identified cases stands at 112, which is an increase by two from yesterday.
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Make sure your trash is ready for pickup

A good number of people in Biloxi are using this down time to clean their yards,” reports Biloxi Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard. “That’s a good thing, but we need to remind you of a few things regarding trash pickup.”

Among the rules:

-All leaves and grass clippings must be bagged.

-If you hire a contractor to do work, the contractor must remove all waste, whether it’s trimming a tree or construction debris.

-No garbage, hazardous waste, medical waste, tires, or paints will be collected.

-Yard waste and rubbish will not be collected from vacant lots or abandoned homes.

-Limbs must be cut to eight-foot pieces in order for pick up.

-All piles must be within three to five of the roadway.

News & notes: Weekly report; City Council

The week that was:  If you want to get behind-the-scenes details on the last two week’s activity from the Biloxi Fire, Police and Community Development departments, or to look over a report from the city’s Engineering Department on the status of major projects, check out the weekly review.  To see the reports, click here.   

Council: The Biloxi City Council does not have a scheduled council meeting this week. To see more information about the City Council, click here.