Council to consider water rates, tax abatements and short-term rentals

The Biloxi City Council ushers in the New Year with two meetings on Tuesday, a 4 p.m. workshop to discuss water and sewer rates and ongoing infrastructure work, followed by a 6 p.m. meeting where council members will vote on whether to amend the city’s tax abatement program.

Both meetings will be at City Hall, 140 Lameuse St., and are open to the public.

During their 6 p.m. meeting, councilmembers also are expected to vote on establishing locations and regulations governing short-term rentals, and will consider a measure to extend the city’s membership in the Motor Vehicle for Hire Authority.
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News and notes

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Public meetings: The Architectural and Historical Review Commissions will not meet this week, but the Biloxi Planning Commission meets Thursday at 2 p..m. To see the agenda for the meeting, click here.