Biloxi elections: The big races of late

Voting in the mayoral special election continues until 7 p.m., and while Municipal Clerk Stacy Thacker reports voter turnout is heavy, here are some numbers from past Biloxi mayoral races:

There were three other recent instances where mayoral elections were hotly contested.

  • 2001, general election: A total of 9,966 votes were cast in a race where A.J. Holloway outpolled “FoFo” Gilich, 5,173 (51.9%) to 4,585 (45%) (A third candidate, Houston Sumrall, received 209, or 2 percent of the votes.)
  • 2009 Republican primary: A total of 6,034 votes were cast when then-state Rep. Michael Janus unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Mayor A.J. Holloway. A total of 5,100 votes were in the Republican primary and less than a thousand in the Democratic primary.
  • 2001, Republican primary: 5,461 votes were cast in a race where Holloway captured 61 percent of the vote to then state Rep. Michael Janus 3,358 (61.4%) to 2,103 (38.6 percent).



Big mayoral turnouts in the past


2001 general election: Holloway vs. Gilich, 9,966 voted

2009 Republican primary: Holloway vs. Janus, 6,034 voted

2001 Republican primary: Holloway vs. Janus, 5,461 voted.