12-12-12 rings a bell at Visitors Center

The Biloxi Visitors Center has hosted four weddings today, with two conducted back-to-back at opposing fireplaces, as couples took advantage of the chance to have a memorable wedding date of 12-12-12.

“We had couples at both ends of the room, with the ceremonies taking place within minutes of each other,” says Visitors Center hostess Yvette Mulcahy, who said a wedding or two may still be possible by day’s end.

Justice Court Judges Albert Fountain and Bruce Strong presided over the no-frills affairs, which took about 15 minutes each.

Said Mulcahy, with a laugh: “One couple came in on their lunch hour, maybe they were thinking 12:12? It was like walk in and walk out. Say ‘I do,’ and leave.”

Canaan sign to be unveiled Thursday

The city of Biloxi will unveil the commemorative sign at the entrance to the Sherman V. Canaan Back Bay Fishing Dock during a brief ceremony Thursday afternoon at 4:30.

The public is invited to the ceremony, which will feature Canaan’s wife, Arlene, and other family members. Refreshments will be served afterward.

The dock, which is at the north end of Lee Street on Biloxi’s Back Bay, was named for the longtime seafood industry leader, who died earlier this year.