Your help is needed for two relief efforts Saturday

Relief effort No. 1: Councilman Kenny Glavan reports that the Knights of Columbus are assisting with building a handicap ramp for a woman who lost her leg three weeks ago. Among the materials being sought are nine 8-foot 4x4s, 20 2x8s, 30 2x4x8s, and five sheets of three-quarter-inch 4×8 treated plywood. Those who can assist should contact Glavan at 228-223-3477. Added the councilman: “We need the help as soon as possible, as we’re looking to start work at 7 a.m. Saturday at the house on Summer Lane.”

Relief effort No. 2: Members of the Biloxi Fire Department, with support of the Fire Museum, will be helping with the clean-up of a home at 345 Randall Ave. that was heavily damaged by fire last Sunday. Off-duty firefighters and other volunteers will begin “gutting” the house Saturday morning at 7. The home had been occupied by a grandmother who was caring for six grandchildren. Said Deputy Chief John Jennings: “I can only promise three things: It will be hot, it will be dirty, and it will be very rewarding.” Those interested in helping can email John Jennings at or him at 228-435-6142.