Don’t let the Christmas tree burn down the house

Many people are preparing to deck the halls with Christmas decorations and Christmas trees, and the Biloxi Fire Department is asking to keep fire safety in mind while choosing and decorating the tree.

“We want people to keep fire safety in mind when setting up their Christmas tree and especially in the weeks leading up to Christmas,” Biloxi Fire Chief Joe Boney said.  “Christmas tree fires are not common, but they do happen and when they do, the fire is more likely to be serious. This becomes more of an issue as time goes by if trees are not properly watered.”

According to the National Fire Protection Association, Christmas trees spark an average of 200 home fires a year.  The fires cause about a half-dozen deaths and nearly $15 million in direct property damage annually.

Firefighters are asking that when you choose your tree, make sure it is fresh and that the limbs are still flexible, so that it still has moisture. 

Once you get the tree home, set up the tree at least three feet from the fire place or any other heat source. Make sure to use indoor tree lights, preferably LED lights, which produce no heat, and turn the tree lights off before going to bed or before leaving the house.

Also, make sure to water it every day to make sure it does not dry out. 

Added Boney:  “As always, make sure that you also have a working smoke detector and fire extinguishers to help stay ‘fire smart’ during the holidays and all year ’round.”
Video: See a Christmas tree fire and read safety tips
See a list of detailed safety tips



News and notes: Public action, warning sirens, weekly recap

Deals, not steals: The City of Biloxi has an auction of surplus and seized property on Saturday morning at the Public Safety Communications Center on Popp’s Ferry Road east of Cedar Lake Road. It’s an absolute auction, meaning you may find real deals of vehicles, electronics, jewelry and more. To see the details, click here.

Hurricane sirens:  The Biloxi Fire Department will conduct a hurricane siren test at noon on Thursday to mark the ending of hurricane season.  The test will last for one minute.

The week that was: Last week, the Biloxi Fire Department responded to 135 calls for service, including 87 medical emergencies and six for fires; the Biloxi Police Department handled 2,195 calls for service; the Community Development Department issued 27 permits for a total construction valuation of $282,000; and the Engineering Department continued to progress on projects throughout the city.  To see the reports covering last week, click here. 



News and notes photos: Toy Run, French Colonial cemetery, picture-perfect weather

Santa rides a Harley: The 2017 Annual Toy Run rolled into town Sunday. The annual project of the Asgard Motorcycle Club, Catholic Charities and the Knights of Columbus featured more than two dozen bikes and other toys for needy children in the community. The project is also supported by the Biloxi Fire Department and the Fire Museum. In fact, many firefighters donate money and time to help buy bikes every year. And the Asgards, of course, deliver a huge truckload of gifts, all led to town by reindeer in the form of motorcycles. See photos from Sunday, courtesy of Nancy Boney, by clicking here.

French Colonial Cemetery: Ever see the French Colonial Cemetery on the west side of the Biloxi Visitors Center? Here’s your chance to take a photographic tour of this most-historic landmark. To see photos, click here.

Picture-perfect: The weather outside has been far from frightful. In fact, it’s been downright inviting. Take a tour of sites and sights from Popp’s Ferry to Point Cadet, with stops in between, by clicking here