U.S. 90 in Biloxi aiming for Dec. 15 opening

Biloxi police are hoping to minimize traffic congestion on DeBuys Road as a result of Gulfport’s plan to open two lanes of U.S. 90 to traffic on Thursday.

Police are advising eastbound motorists traveling U.S. 90 in Gulfport to turn north onto Cowan Road since U.S. 90 will remain closed in Biloxi.

“Cowan offers four lanes of traffic, while DeBuys can only accommodate two lanes of traffic,” Police Chief Bruce Dunagan said this afternoon. “If Gulfport motorists headed to Biloxi will use Cowan, we’ll be able to minimize bottlenecks at DeBuys and Pass roads.”

Biloxi is aiming to re-open all lanes of U.S. 90 once the Mississippi Department of Transportation has installed traffic signals and street lighting, which is expected to be Dec. 15.

Biloxi police also are continuing to allow weekday afternoon motorists to access U.S. 90 at Veterans Avenue to travel to the I-110 loop.

“The people of Biloxi have been very patient while MDOT continues to make the necessary repairs on Highway 90,” Dunagan said. “We appreciate the patience, and we know our residents can hold on for 16 more days, when we’re hoping that Highway 90 will be ready.”

Web site retooled for easier access

Visitors to the city’s web site will notice that portions of the site’s front page have been re-positioned to provide quicker access to updated information.

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