Tree committee to hold initial session

Biloxi’s tree committee, a new city board that will advise the city on striking a balance between protecting trees and economic development, has scheduled its first session.

Committee members will have a training session Friday at 1:30 p.m. at the city’s Community Development Department to review the city’s tree ordinance and discuss procedures. The meeting was moved from earlier in the week because of a scheduling conflict.

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich and the Biloxi City Council, in an ordinance passed earlier this year, have charged the tree committee with reviewing applications for permits to remove one or more trees that would ordinarily be protected under the city’s tree ordinance. The group, which is advisory, also will identify and suggest suitable sites for replanting of trees or additional landscaping to mitigate any tree removal. The committee also has the authority to review previous tree permits to ensure compliance.

Members of the committee, who serve three-year terms without pay, are Robin Galle Rodolfich, Ward 1; Tracy Wyman,  Ward 2; Matthew Dubaz, Ward 3; Mary Kinney, Ward 4; Carroll Campbell, Ward 5; James “Bernie” Marinovich, Ward 6; and Julie Beaucek, Ward 7.
See the tree ordinance amendments