Short-term rental operators closed, fined

Operators of four unlicensed short-term rentals were fined a total of $200 in Biloxi Community Court this week and ordered to cease operations.

Four other cases were resolved before court proceedings began, and three other cases face court dates.

“The city took assertive steps to ensure that operators of short-term rental units are complying with city ordinances,” said Community Development Director Jerry Creel, whose department is responsible for enforcing city ordinances involving land use and zoning.

Operating a short-term rental without a proper license can result in fines of up to $500 per day.

Owners of four properties — 256 Lameuse St., 6268 Kimbrough Blvd., 1984 Todd Cove and 4071 Lickskillet Road — pleaded guilty, paid $50 fines and were ordered to cease operations.

Owners of two other properties — 168 St. Paul and 214 Gill Ave. — had their cases dismissed but agreed to cease operations and stop advertising as a short-term rental.

The owner of the property at 1880 Southern Ave. agreed to stop advertising as a short-term rental and will apply to the city for proper permits, and the owner of 126 Briarfield was issued a short-term rental permit.

City Prosecutor Robert Harenski will pursue cases against three other locations where owners failed to show up for court: 187 Bilmarson Drive, 975 Howard Ave and 170 Iberville Drive.

Said Creel: “Operators of short-term rentals who have questions concerning the regulations or anyone who believes an unlicensed short-term rental may be operating in their neighborhood should contact the city’s Community Development Department at 435-6280.”
Background on the short-term rental issue