Restore Biloxi design work passes $50 million mark

The City of Biloxi has awarded nine engineering contracts for the design of more than $52 million of sewer, water and storm drainage repairs as part of the Restore Biloxi Program.

“By the Council approving these engineering contracts, Biloxi residents will begin to see crews on the ground surveying and collecting information for engineers to design improvements and repairs to our water and sewer systems,” said Mayor A.J. Holloway.

“And by the fall, we will break ground on the first of the projects that make up an estimated $355 million in repairs,” he said.

The nine engineering contracts are the first in a series of repair projects. The nine firms, including project design costs and general project location:

— A. Garner Russell, $9.8 million, Eagle Point

— Rumsey Engineering, $2.5 million, West Oaklawn

— Neel-Schaffer, $11.1 million, Bayside, North Haven

— Seymour Engineering, $5.2 million, Destiny Plantation

— Digital Engineering, $4.9 million, Channel Mark

— Moran-Machado, $3.6 million, Old Bay, Big Lake

— Thompson Engineering, $2.6 million, Saylor Drive, Melissa Drive, Linda Drive

— Brown & Mitchell, $7.6 million, Rodenberg

— Williford Gearhart & Knight, $5.0 million, Monie Vista, Holly Hills

With the awarding of the design contracts, Biloxi residents can expect minimal interruptions but some visible activity. Crews will soon begin detailed surveying of the damaged infrastructure and recording the data required for the engineers to design the necessary repairs.

“These survey and inspection crews will be walking down neighborhood streets and near businesses,” Holloway said. “Their surveying and inspection activities will be quick and will help us to move toward beginning the construction work needed to repair our badly-damaged infrastructure.”

The Restore Biloxi Program is a coordinated effort with the City of Biloxi, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other federal, state and local agencies. The estimated $355 million program, funded by FEMA, includes services necessary for the repair of more than 426,000 linear feet of sewer line, 485,000 feet of water line, 320,000 feet of storm drainage, nearly 100 miles of streets and more than 70 lift stations. Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall 2009 with an estimated completion in 2013.

A public outreach program has been established to keep Biloxi residents informed of the latest project information. To learn more, visit the program’s web site or call toll-free (866) 515-8905.