Storm and Flood Preparedness

This section of the city website is designed to provide vital and timely information to help you protect your life and property. Information will be updated on a regular basis.

Click on the links at the top of this page for online resources, such as real-time radar and National Weather Service forecasts. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find links to the city’s annual storm and flood preparedness newsletters. I also encourage you to sign up for the city’s free Bmail, so you can get news directly from the city. To sign up, click here.

You should also monitor local radio and TV for real-time weather updates.You can see links to the National Weather Service radar sites along the entire Gulf of Mexico coastline by clicking on the Radar link above.

Real-time River Stages

Tchoutacabouffa River

Biloxi River near Lyman

Biloxi River near Wortham

Warning Sirens

To learn more about the city’s network of warning sirens and hear the tones, click here.

In March 2011, we introduced a new emergency warning system that uses 10 sirens positioned throughout the city to notify residents of a pending threat, such as tornado or other incident. Then tones will be triggered by warnings from the National Weather Service, and can be used simultaneously or individually, depending on the magnitude of the threat. When you hear these tones, you should immediately seek safe shelter and tune to your local TV or radio station for more information. To learn more about the emergency alert system, and to hear the tones, click here.

I also encourage you to heed the advice given and take no chances with your personal safety.


Andrew “FoFo” Gilich



For detailed information on flooding, storm preparedness, retrofitting, or drainage, click on the newsletters below.

Citywide Preparedness Newsletter
















See MEMA’s A Citizen’s Guide to Flood Protection Guide Measures, (5 MB pdf)


Business owners:  Local businesses who need to return to the City of Biloxi to assist with assessments or insurance are eligible for Tier I and Tier II access through the Mississippi Emergency Access Program. For information, click here.


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