Lifeguard class



  1. Swim 300 yards, continuously
  • Demonstrate breath control and rhythmic breathing.
  • Swim freestyle, breaststroke, or a combination of both. Swimming on the back or side not permitted.
  • Goggles may be used.
  1. Tread water for two minutes, using only the legs
  • Place hands under the armpits.
  1. Complete a timed event within one minute, 40 seconds:
  • Start in the water, swim 20 yards. Goggles are not allowed.
  • Surface dive to 13 feet, retrieve 10 pound brick, return to the surface.
  • Swim 20 yards on back to return to starting point with both hands holding the brick, and keeping face at or near surface to breathe.
  • Exit water without using ladder or



None scheduled at this time.   

*All classes must be attended and instructor may add or change schedule of class if needed.



  • $150 – Biloxi residents
  • $200 – Non- Biloxi residents

Payment is due at end of pretest date and is non-refundable once enrolled in the class. Cash, check, or money order payment only. Make payment out to City of Biloxi.


For more information, call the Biloxi Aquatics Division at 228-435-6205 or email