Republican-laden primary takes place Tuesday

The Republican and Democratic party primaries take place Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Biloxi, but the fact is, only the Republicans will have citywide ballots, with only one Democratic race taking place, in Ward 2.

Those voting in the Republican primary will have choices for mayor and in council races in Wards 4 and 7. The eight members of the Biloxi Republican Municipal Executive Committee, all without opposition, also will be on the Republican ballot citywide.

On the Democratic side, only the Ward 2 race, between incumbent Felix O. Gines and challenger Charlie Clay III is contested. Democratic candidates Sugar Stallings (running for mayor), and Ward 1 Councilman George Lawrence face no opposition in the party primaries.

All Republican candidates, whether challenged or not, will appear on the ballot in their respective wards: Incumbent Dixie Newman of Ward 3, Paul A. Tisdale of Ward 5 and Kenny J. Glavan Sr. of Ward 6 face no Republican or Democratic challengers. Republican candidates William Kai Landry of Ward 1 and Ronald Weeks of Ward 2 also will appear on the Republican ballot.

In a citywide Republican race, incumbent Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich faces challenger Jess Kennedy. The winner will face Democratic nominee Sugar Stallings in the general election on June 6.

In Ward 4, incumbent Robert L. Deming III faces challenger Rodney McGilvary, with no Democratic opposition, and in Ward 7, Nathan Barrett will face Johnny Fayard to succeed Ward 7 incumbent David Fayard, who is not seeking re-election. There is no Ward 7 Democratic nominee.

New polling places:  Two municipal polling places have changed this year. In Ward 2, those who formerly voted at the Saenger Theater will now vote at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Municipal Building, 676 MLK Blvd. In Ward 6, those who formerly voted at the Business Technology Center will now vote at the tennis pavilion at the A.J. Holloway Sports Complex, 765 Wells Drive. To see a map of all polling places, click here.

Generally speaking: The election on Tuesday is a party primary, where the Republicans and Democrats chose their candidates for the June 6 general election, when Republicans, Democrats and independent candidates appear on the same ballot. To see the voter information page, click here.

Here’s what you will see on the ballots Tuesday:

Republican ballot

Andrew “FoFo” Gilich
Jess Kennedy

Ward 1 councilmember
William Kai Landry

Ward 2 councilmember
Ronald Weeks

Ward 3 councilmember
Dixie Newman

Ward 4 councilmember
Robert L. Deming III
Rodney McGilvary

Ward 5 councilmember
Paul A. Tisdale

Ward 6 councilmember
Kenny J. Glavan Sr.

Ward 7 councilmember
Nathan Barrett
Johnny Fayard

Executive Committee (choose eight)
Mary M. Bankston
Sandra E. Hill
Wendy Lassabe
Susan S. LeBatard
Richard R. Moss
Wendy Barthe Peavy
Peter W. Rigby
Peter Wilson

Democratic ballot

Ward 2 councilmember
Charlie Clay III
Felix O. Gines