Permits for Lighthouse pier repairs in the works

City contractors are continuing to work toward a January completion of improvements at the Lighthouse parking area, and the notion that the parking lot upgrades will be completed before storm repairs are made to the popular Lighthouse Pier is not lost on City Engineer Christy LeBatard.

The Lighthouse pier has been closed for a month and a half, since Oct. 7, when Hurricane Nate damaged railings and planking. The pier, of course, has been damaged by several storms over the years, which LeBatard is hoping the city can use to its advantage.

“We’re preparing the permit application package to be submitted to Mississippi Department of Marine Resources next week,” LeBatard said. “In hopes of speeding up the process, we’ve looked at documents from previous repairs and included them in the package. They include approvals from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History permits, along with the Environmental Assessment that was previously completed. 

“All of these approvals may help expedite the permitting because we’re able to show that we’ve previously been permitted and cleared environmentally to do work on this pier,” LeBatard added. “I’m hopeful that we will have the permit/approvals back from DMR and Corps of Engineers sometime after the first of the year.”

The actual repair specifications have been completed by the Engineer Department staff.  LeBatard said repairs should cost about $100,000.

Said LeBatard: “Our hope is that we can get through the permitting process pretty quickly, bid the job, which requires 30 days, and once we get a contractor on the job, have the repairs be a 45-day job, which would put us well ahead of summertime, ”
See photos of parking lot progress and pier damage 


MDOT awards contract for pedestrian overpass

Biloxi could see two pedestrian overpasses under construction on U.S. 90 next year, within several blocks of each. 

The Mississippi Department of Transportation has awarded a contract for the pedestrian overpass on U.S. 90 just west of Caillavet Street, at MGM Park, and expects construction to be complete a little more than a year from now.

MDOT District Engineer Gabe Faggard said Greenwood-based Malouf Construction has a notice to begin work on March 15, 2018 and work is expected to be completed no later than Dec. 14, 2018.

Meantime, Biloxi Chief Administrative Officer Mike Leonard said design continues to be tweaked on the pedestrian overpass that will be just east of Main Street. Said Leonard: “We are still working right-of-way issues, so the exact location has not been pinpointed yet. We do know that it will be just east of Main Street and cross into the park at the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor. The estimate on timing is that a request for proposals should be out in the spring, with a contract awarded in summer and construction completed possibly as early as the end of the year.”

The overpasses will have elevators and stairs at their north and south ends but will not be connected to any other structures.
See the plans and elevation for MGM Park walkway


News and notes: Application deadline for Children’s parade, holiday decorations

Children’s parade deadline: Tuesday, Nov. 28 is the deadline for applications for the annual Christmas on the Water Children’s Parade which takes place in downtown Biloxi on Friday, Dec. 1.  Applications are open to children in grades K-4.  To download the application and to see the route, click here.

Holiday decor: City contractors and employees were installing Christmas decorations at the city’s signature landmark today and at locations throughout the city. To see the images, click here