OK, it’s time to move that debris to the curb

Biloxi residents are being encouraged this weekend to move storm debris to the curbside to be picked up by the city’s debris teams.

Crews are expected to begin removing debris from public rights of way next week. Crews will not work on private property.

Residents should move debris to the curbside, but avoid blocking traffic or neighboring driveways, and making sure not to place it near fire hydrants, gas meters, utility poles or guy wires.

Biloxi provides a rainbow for a post-Isaac bride-to-be

If you’re looking for more proof that Biloxi is back open for business, just ask bride-to-be Genea (say “ju-nay”) Yates of Atlanta, who months ago scheduled her wedding reception for this weekend in the beachfront Biloxi Visitors Center.

Genea and groom Al Newell plan to exchange vows Saturday afternoon at First Baptist Church in Gulfport and then celebrate with 125 of their closest friends at the Visitors Center, which stands in the shadow of the city’s iconic landmark, the Biloxi Lighthouse.

All this week, however, Genea, a Coast native who’s lived in Atlanta for several years, was anxiously watching weather reports.

“Me and God got very close,” she said with a chuckle. “It was very discouraging. I just watched the weather quite a bit and prayed for the best. Thankfully, it seems to be happening just like it was meant to. I’m very thankful that the power is on, that every venue has really pulled together.

“The Visitors Center actually looks fine. I was very impressed with how quickly they cleaned it up. I think there was a little water on the second floor, which they are airing out, but I didn’t see any noticeable damage at all, and I was very thankful.”

Weekend entertainment lineup: The Visitors Center nuptials, of course, are for invited guests, but to see the star-studded lineup of entertainment for this extended Labor Day weekend – things that you’re actually invited to — click here.

River residents: Take flood warnings seriously

Emergency managers say that residents along rivers need to be particularly aware of warnings issued for this weekend, and to take action now.

“Residents need to understand that this will bring serious flooding to our areas,” Harrison County Emergency Manager Rupert Lacy said. “This is no small event and will absolutely affect homes and roadways. Please do not dismiss this as a typical flood warning.

“People who live in areas affected by flooding of the Tchoutacabouffa River, the Biloxi River and The Wolf River should take action now to avoid being trapped in a flood. Should you remain in your homes and get caught by the flooding, it will be difficult, and perhaps impossible for responders to reach you. We could see flooding of historic proportions.

To read the National Weather Service advisories for the rivers,
click here.

The latest on the weather

Current conditions: To see the current conditions for Biloxi, from the National Weather Service, click here.

Weather service track: To see the current position of the storm and forecasted track, click here.

Live Gulf radar: To see real-time radar showing the northern Gulf of Mexico, click here.

News and notes

Storm Info Line: A downed T1 line between City Hall and the Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center disabled the city’s Storm Info Line for the better part of Thursday. The recorded message, which can accommodate more than a dozen callers simultaneously, has been restored, and will be moved to Lopez-Quave permanently.

Webcast: William Sackett of Gulfcoastnews.com reports that the City Desk webcast will return next week.