Now online: “The State of the City: One Year Later”

The City of Biloxi this afternoon unveiled an online version of “The State of the City: One Year Later,” a 16-page status report on the myriad issues of the city’s ongoing recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

The U.S. Postal Service is scheduled to deliver hard copies of the report to all Biloxi residents, possibly as early as Friday.

Since 1999, the city has produced an annual State of the City report, normally in conjunction with the mayor’s State of the City address each February.

The brochure fulfills the state law that requires the mayor to provide an annual report “to the council and the public on the work of the previous year.”

This year’s “State of the City: One Year Later” is an
expanded version of the annual report, owing to the many issues of the recovery process.

To see the online version of the report, which also is accessible on the front page of the city’s web site,
click here.