Camille remembrances kick off month of milestones

Biloxi’s month of milestones leading up to the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina will begin Thursday (Aug. 17) with events commemorating the original gold standard for storms, Hurricane Camille.

The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, on east front beach, will host its annual Camille memorial program Thursday at 4 p.m. in the shadow of the Camille memorial.

Unbeknownst to community leaders at last year’s program, they were viewing a memorial, bell tower and Redeemer site overall that would be decimated 12 days later.

In another twist of fate, the city and Cable One Cable TV Advertising last year taped Mayor A.J. Holloway making a new video introduction for Biloxi’s annual Aug. 17 cablecast of the 30-minute documentary “A Lady Called Camille.” Cable One’s Vester Wentzell also unearthed never-before-aired Camille footage for Holloway’s brief segment, filmed at the Camille memorial.

This year, on the Camille anniversary, Cable One and the City of Biloxi will have farewell airings of “A Lady Called Camille” at 10 a.m., 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. Cable One is also expanding the Biloxi project, airing the program for all of its 100,000-plus cable homes along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

To read background on this annual project, and see a photo of last year’s filming,
click here.

To see the commercials that Cable One is now airing about the Camille documentary and more, click here.

News and notes

Council agenda: To see the agendas and available resolutions for Tuesday’s meetings of the Biloxi City Council, click here.

Charting progress, Part 1: The economic indicators that the city released online last week have been reformatted so the charts are easier to read and printer friendly. You’ll find the 15-year and 15-month statistics in the Katrina stats package on the front page of the web site, or you can simply click here.

Charting progress, Part 2: To hear this week’s City Desk webcast, which was recorded with host Gary Michiels at MCM Communcations on Thursday afternoon, click here.

Charting progress, Part To Be Continued: A week from today, the City of Biloxi will formally release “The State of the City: One Year Later,” a 16-page report on the issues of the Katrina recovery in Biloxi. The report is in production now and should be arriving in mailboxes throughout the city by Friday, Aug. 18. As a subscriber to the city’s e-news, however, you can see a proof of the massive document now. Click here.