NBC News pushes back Katrina sculptures segment

NBC News has pushed back the airing of a segment on Biloxi’s Katrina sculptures and sculptor Marlin Miller, according to correspondent Mark Potter.

Potter, who was in Biloxi over the weekend to interview Miller and Mayor A.J. Holloway, said the segment had originally been scheduled to air tonight.

“We’re still very high on the story, especially after seeing how the video came out,” Potter said. “It’s absolutely gorgeous.”

An NBC videographer filmed Miller working on the sculpture throughout the day Friday and Saturday before Potter’s arrival on Saturday.

Potter, who filed NBC stories from Biloxi in the days after Hurricane Katrina, said he was moved by the sculptures and the progress being made in Biloxi since the storm.

“I remember all too well being horrified by the utter devastation along that coastal highway after Hurricane Katrina,” he said. “To see the same area now with the new road and these beautiful sculptures along the way is a heartening experience.

“It reminds me of the rebuilding we went through near my home in South Florida after Hurricane Andrew. It seemed to take forever, but we did recover, as will Biloxi.”

More video, photos on online

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