More temporary paving planned for next week

A new round of temporary paving for streets of east Biloxi is scheduled to begin Monday and be completed several days later.

Warren Paving is expected to apply asphalt to Porter Avenue and Bohn Street, south of Division Street; Division Street, from Porter to Forest Avenue; and Main, Lameuse and Reynoir streets, from Division to Bayview Avenue.

The Bohn Street work will stop just south of Division Street because of pending sewer work.

Biloxi Public Works crews are expected to locate and elevate existing water valves today, and Warren crews are expected to begin grading streets Monday, a signal that paving is pending.

Warren expects to have the paving completed in several days.

In March, the city had Warren apply temporary paving to sections of Lee, Main, Lameuse, Reynoir, and Division streets and Hopkins Boulevard, seven streets in seven days.

“The issue that we face,” said Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich, “is to coordinate with the infrastructure contractor, Oscar Renda, to make sure we’re going to get the most of this temporary paving. We know residents and businesses want and deserve relief, and that’s our goal, within the confines of the existing contact.”
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Expect delays on Popp’s Ferry bridge next week

Popp’s Ferry Bridge will have intermittent openings and closings on Monday through Wednesday mornings while crews inspect the drawbridge spans.

Openings and closings of the drawbridge can be expected each morning between 9 and 11 a.m. Each opening and closing will be for 15-minutes, nearly the amount of time usually allotted to allow marine traffic. The openings will be separated by 30 minute intervals.

The openings and closings are necessary in order for a city contractor, Huval, to inspect the span grating and evaluate components of the bridge’s span locks and other components.
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