Mayor, council set record straight on annexation

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway and all seven members of the Biloxi City Council signed a letter published in the Sun Herald today to explain the city’s position on its annexation case with Gulfport.

“There has been a growing level of public posturing on this annexation issue in recent weeks,” the Biloxi letter states, alluding to published letters by Gulfport leaders, “but the public would be well served to know the facts.”

The 678-word letter, which was accompanied by a map that Gulfport used in its unsuccessful annexation case, points out that Biloxi had indeed sought to limit litigation costs and had sought compromise on three occasions.

It was only after Gulfport lost its annexation case, the letter says, that the idea of “standing down” appealed to Gulfport.

To read the entire letter, which reiterates Biloxi’s previous compromises,
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