Keesler confirms three COVID-19 cases

Here is a Keesler status report for Mayor Gilich and other community leaders provided Wednesday at 1 p.m. by Col. Heather W. Blackwell, commander of the 81st Training Wing at Keesler:

Before it hits the news, I wanted to let you know Keesler has its first cases of positive COVID-19: an active duty member, a spouse, and a retiree.

I am extremely impressed with our medical team’s rapid notification to each individual and their leadership.  In addition, the leadership teams have already contacted the active duty member and the spouse to assess needs and questions.

I am working now to personally contact the retiree to check on him or her.  If, due to medical privacy constraints, I can’t call him/her directly, I am having our public health team contact the retiree on my behalf to see what support they need during their two weeks of quarantine.  The retiree will also be provide my cell phone number in case he/she requires any assistance (groceries, medical advice, etc.).

Since Keesler was already in HPCON Charlie, I will not be changing my HPCON status.  We have leaned very far forward and were prepared if/when a positive case occurred on Keesler.  No mission impact at this time.
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