Intersection work continues on Pass Road

Motorists on Pass Road will be seeing enhanced traffic signals and improved pedestrian crossings at a trio of busy intersections as part of a $860,000 project that is now underway and expected to be completed in October.

Cantilevered traffic signals and push-button-activated pedestrian signals are being added at Eisenhower Drive, Big Lake Road and Stennis Drive intersections on Pass Road to help improve the safety and minimize damage from high winds.

Additionally, right hand turning lanes are being added on Eisenhower and Pass Road to accommodate northbound and eastbound traffic.

The new signal at Stennis, which is between Bradford-O’Keefe Funeral Home and Bethel Lutheran Church, is designed to help pedestrian traffic using the nearby Donal M. Snyder Sr. Community Center. It also will be coordinated to stop oncoming traffic when fire trucks are exiting the nearby Bay Vista Fire Station.

The majority of the work is being funded with state and federal money.

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City releases annual water quality report

Biloxi residents have known for years that they have some of the lowest water, sewer and garbage rates of any community in the state, and a new report confirms that the city’s drinking water meets or exceeds federal and state requirements.

The city’s Annual Report on the Quality of Drinking Water, a scorecard mandated by the state Department of Health, will be mailed to the city’s 13,430 water customers and will be published in The Biloxi-D’Iberville Press. A copy of the new report -– and reports for previous years — can also be seen online.

The four-page consumer-confidence report provides “detailed information on the quality of water and related services, and determines the overall susceptibility that the source of our water faces from identified potential contaminants.”

Biloxi’s municipal water is provided by a series of city-maintained wells located throughout the community.

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News and notes

Support your schools: The Biloxi Public School District is touting its accomplishments and providing registration informtaion in a newsletter sent this week to Biloxi residents. To see an online version of the eight-page, full-color mailer, click here. If you’d like free copies to distribute in your business, send a request by clicking here.

Software glitch: Biloxi’s water department is unable to process credit card payments from customers until a software issue is resolved.