Three incumbents win in primaries

Two city council seats have been decided tonight — with victories by Robert L. Deming in Ward 4 and Kenny Glavan in Ward 6 — according to unofficial returns from the Republican primary today.

Neither of the incumbents face an opponent in the June 8 general election. A third incumbent, Councilmember Paul Tisdale, who was victorious in the Republican primary in Ward 5, faces Democratic challenger Sugar Stallings in the general election on June 8.

Also on the June 8 ballot will be Republican nominee Keith Anderson, who this evening outpolled Becca Vanderford and Steve “Stevie” Brosh Jr. in Ward 1. Anderson will face Democratic nominee George Lawrence in Ward 1.

A total of 1,690 voters of the 29,346 registered voters in Biloxi, cast ballots in the party primaries today.

Incumbents Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich, Dixie Newman of Ward 3 and Nathan Barrett of Ward 7 were unopposed today and face no challengers on the June 8 ballot.

Ward 2 incumbent Democrat Felix O. Gines will face Independent Tracey D. Smith June 8.

The numbers:
Ward 1
Keith Anderson (227 votes)
Steve “Stevie” Brosh Jr. (24votes)
Becca Vanderford (72 votes)
Ward 4
Robert L. Deming III (373 votes)
Rodney McGilvary (328 votes)
Ward 5
Terry Shelton (35 votes)
Paul Tisdale (266 votes)
Ward 6
Jason A. Gibson (63 votes)
Kenny Glavan (292 votes)