Ideas floated at initial Point Cadet waterfront meeting

Nearly 100 residents turned out to see possibilities for the Point Cadet waterfront and give their ideas on what needs to be done for the public land north and south of the Biloxi Bay Bridge.

“We are here to talk about one of the most prized locations in the oldest part of our city,” Mayor A.J. Holloway told those assembled at the Dr. Frank G. Gruich Community Center on Howard Avenue. “I’m talking about the waterfront on Point Cadet.

“It’s the gateway into our city. It’s arguably the most valuable piece of land in our city. But there should be no argument about its historic importance and its potential. Point Cadet and the Point Cadet waterfront are where it all started for Biloxi.”

Grover Mouton, the director of the Tulane Regional Urban Design Center, gave an overview of the site and allowed a half-dozen Tulane students to present concepts for public use of the Point Cadet site.

Said Holloway: “What I’d like to see happen now is for the comments received from citizens be incorporated into a master plan that will be presented to the public, and once approved, guide the revitalization of the Point Cadet waterfront.”

A second meeting will be announced in several weeks.

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