Holloway makes history with fifth term

A.J. Holloway this evening became the first mayor in the history of Biloxi to be elected to five consecutive four-year terms.

Holloway captured 80 percent of the vote to defeat Democratic challenger Jesse Kennedy in Biloxi’s municipal general elections. The vote count: 3,032 for Holloway to 507 for Kennedy

Holloway, ironically, earned his spot in history by defeating a relative of his challenger: John J. Kennedy served terms as mayor of Biloxi in 1919, 1923, 1927 and 1931.

“Macklyn and I are proud and honored by your confidence and support,” Holloway told supporters in victory celebration at the Isle Casino Resort in Biloxi. “We can’t thank all of you enough I know that we’ve established a record of accomplishment over the past 16 years, but I also know that this vote is not just about our past. This is a vote about our future, too.”

Holloway pledged to help Biloxi reach new levels over the next four years: “We’re past the recovery stage,” he said. “We’re in the rebuilding stage. And in the next four years, we’re going to work hard to make this city one of the best not only on the Coast, and not only in the state, but we’re going to make it one of the best cities in the South and one of the best cities in the country.”

In other contested council races decided tonight:

— Ward 1: Democrat incumbent George Lawrence outpolled Republican challenger August Parker, 407 votes (70 percent) to 167 votes.

— Ward 3: Democrat Lucy Denton won 57 percent of the votes cast to defeat Republican challenger Keith Burton, who had unseated incumbent Charles T. Harrison Jr. in the Republican primary.

— Ward 7: Republican incumbent David Fayard outpolled Independent challenger Ben L. Chanek 399 votes to 121, or 76 percent to 23 percent.

Four other council seats were decided in the party primaries: William “Bill” Stallworth in Ward 2, Fir Force retired Lt. Gen. Clark Griffith in Ward 4, and Edward “Ed” Gemmill in Ward 6.

By the numbers

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