Hands On offers free mold-removal workshop

Hands On Gulf Coast will offer another free workshop to teach residents how to remove mold from their own homes. The session will be Saturday, May 13 at 2 p.m. at Main Street Baptist Church, 321 Main St., Biloxi.

Hands On, an organization that has played a key role in the city’s recovery effort, has presented two similar, well-received workshops

Mold removal is a critical process that must be completed before rebuilding can begin, Hands On representatives have noted. If homeowners rebuild on top on mold, residents will be at risk for respiratory and other health problems. Mold can also eventually rot drywall and the wood components of homes.

Based on advice from industry specialists and field experience, Hands On USA/Hands On Gulf Coast has developed a mold removal technique that physically removes spores and helps diminish the chance of re-growth. Some other popular techniques, Hands On says, only clean the visible mold, overlooking mold spores, which allow mold to grow back.

The do-it-yourself process being promoted by Hands On, which is designed to help meet the continuing need for mold removal, can be done easily, inexpensively and effectively, volunteers say. At the workshop, experienced mold-removal volunteers will teach the methods used by Hands On. Free mold-removal supplies also will be available.

The workshop is mainly intended for Coast residents, but Hands On also welcomes representatives of other volunteer organizations to attend.

Contact: Suzanne Julian, Hands On Gulf Coast, suzannejulian@yahoo.com.